Competitive intelligence
by Bain & Company

Pyxis provides competitive intelligence in the consumer space by leveraging the most granular consumer datasets available today.

With 50+ datasets globally, we help our clients gain an edge by shedding light on their most critical competitors.
Unmatched granularity with global coverage
Tailored solutions with rapid delivery
Industry knowledge and data expertise
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We help our clients answer some of their most critical business questions.

Market performance
What is our market share in priority regions?
What is our category brand share online overall and at each retailer?
Who are the fastest growing competitors?
Ecommerce only
Pricing & assortment
What are the top selling SKUs online for each competitor?
How does our sales mix by category or price tier compare to peers?
How do our prices compare to peers?
Consumer insights
How much of our customers’ category spend do we capture?
Where else are our customers buying and what are they buying?
How do our customer retention rates compare to competitors?
Industries we cover

We cover all consumer sectors and a number of B2B sectors as well. Deep dive on specific coverage areas below.

What sets us apart is our custom analytics solutions. Our team of data scientists collaborates with you to pinpoint the answers you need, using our 50+ dataset partners.
Choose the solution you want, whether a snapshot sales report or answers to nuanced analytical questions.
Gain clarity on competitive trends and dive deep into causes of market share changes.
Benefit from efficient, one-time solutions tailored to your unique requirements.
Pyxis Competitive intelligencePyxis data analysis
Our subscription services offer essential tools for data-driven decisions.
With a structured data feed, seamlessly integrate our datasets into your existing workflows. Choose your preferred delivery method and receive data analytics tailored to your specific needs.
Access real-time insights through our visualization platform, empowering you with immediate answers to critical questions. Receive regular data refreshes and a dedicated Customer Success representative for support.
E-commerce analyticsmarket growth analysisPyxis platform
Solutions by role
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  • Private equity & asset managers
    Leverage 50+ datasets to generate custom analytics across the entire investment cycle, from sector scans, to diligence, to portfolio work.
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    Understand how target has performed in key markets
    Identify white space opportunities for geo. expansion
    private equity
  • Data & insights
    Access the most granular competitive intelligence available today with competitive intelligence by Bain & Company. Tailored to meet your exact needs.
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    Analyze granular market share trends by category and key competitor
    Understand where your customers are spending money
    Data analytics and insights
  • E-commerce
    Access 25+ consumer panels that track online transactions with product-level detail.
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    Track online share at a retailer, brand or product level
    Benchmark pricing and assortment against peers
  • Brand & category management
    Drive merchandising decisions by tracking product-level performance via our consumer panels.
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    Track which products and categories are growing fastest
    See brand share at specific retailers
  • Digital marketing
    Track real-world performance of paid marketing efforts by linking ad-IDs to omnichannel consumer transaction data.
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    Track whether consumers spent more after viewing your specific marketing campaign
    Conduct “test and learn” campaigns to identify high ROI campaigns and segments
    digital marketing analytics
  • Strategy
    Leverage 50+ datasets to understand competitive gaps or support strategic initiatives with data.
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    Identify relative market share across all key categories
    Identify the fastest growing markets for adjacency opportunities

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