The restaurant industry is constantly evolving. To make the best decisions you need a deep understanding of your customers’ behavior.

Pyxis’ granular consumer data gives you a hyper-accurate view of restaurant performance, capturing both online and in-store direct sales and sales through 3P aggregators.

Example companies tracked

Deep coverage
By restaurant type
Broad coverage across the market
Fast casual / limited service
Full service
Third-party aggregators
Visibility into how your competitors are performing across all major delivery apps
Uber Eats
& many more
Granular insights
Hyper-local performance
Understand how your performance varies by market and identify underperforming locations
Same-store sales growth
Use credit card data for detailed same-store sales growth tracking at competitors
Customer behavior
See where else your customers are buying food and what they’re buying
Menu insights
Identify the top selling menu items at other brands that you don’t currently offer

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