How does Pyxis operate?
We aggregate and structure complex data to enable customized and data-driven insights.
Leveraging Bain’s 50+ years of consulting experience, we are experts at helping our clients answer their most critical business questions through competitive intelligence.
Consumer behavior

Scour the world for the
best-in-class competitive intelligence data

Consumer transaction data (credit card, eReceipt, Amazon)
Clickstream data
Web scraping data
Location data

What this means for you

We vet hundreds of data sources so you don’t have to
Access to many data sources means we can work with you to select the best for your use case
Compare or combine sources to strengthen your insights as needed

Clean and structure the data through proprietary scraping & machine learning

Pyxis cleans the disparate data using proprietary tools built on Snowflake and Alteryx
ML algorithms and proprietary methodologies categorize and blend data across merchants, industries, and sources
Processed data is deposited into a high-performance data lake

What this means for you

Data is already representative and scaled to market
Product trends are available at a detailed category level, with no need for additional tagging
key data sources

Layer on Bain analytics to drive actionable insights

Category insights
Size, growth, and share
Online penetration
Product insights
Price ladder
Consumer insights
Share of wallet
Retention / churn rates

What this means for you

We help you find the “so what?” from the data
Bain experts help provide deep industry expertise
E-commerce analytics

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