Solutions by role
Brand and category management
Drive merchandizing decisions by tracking product-level performance via our consumer panels.
Brand management strategy
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Questions our data answers
Top selling products
Track top selling products within specific competitors
Brand share by retailer or category
See brand share at specific retailers and/or within specific product categories
SKU-level cross shopping
See exactly what items your customers purchase elsewhere
What differentiates us
Broad e-commerce coverage
Access the largest e-commerce panels available, including detailed coverage of Amazon sales
Comprehensive competitive intelligence
Access all of the competitive intelligence solutions you need in one place, with consumer transaction, web scraping, location, and many other data source types. Get advice on how to compare or combine sources to strengthen your insights
Granular insights
Dive into customer- and product-level details to understand trends within your market segment, from top-selling products to share of wallet to share of delivery vs. click-and-collect

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